Ask TWIST: How To Deal When Some Embarrassing Snapchat Videos Get Leaked


"I was goofing off with my friends and we made some dorky Snapchat videos. We only wanted our BFF group to see them, but someone recorded the whole thing and sent it out to practically everyone in school! I'm SO embarrassed. People keep messaging me and stopping me in the hallway to mock me and quote the video. Even some of the teachers saw, and one wants to have a talk with me. What should I do?" - Madison, 13

Hi Madison,

Oof! Your situation does sound embarrassing, but I imagine that one of the worst feelings is actually that one of your close friends betrayed your trust. Private snaps – no matter what they're about – are exchanged with the unwritten agreement that they're supposed to remain between the sender and the sendee. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case, so this should be a reminder to be extra careful about what you share online – no matter where it goes.

It sounds like your videos are of a humorous nature, so maybe your classmates are just having some fun with the latest sensation that, trust me, they'll soon forget about. Your teachers may actually be wanting to talk to you to make sure that nobody is bullying you because of the videos, and if that's the case, make sure they know about it.

But if your videos contain anything that upsets, hurts, or offends anyone – including yourself – then it's best to talk to your parents and/or teachers for how to proceed. You may need to apologize for your remarks, confront the friend who leaked the footage, and/or seek help in getting all traces of the clips deleted.

In your specific case, my best advice for you would be to own up to your videos. This is exactly how the silly viral videos we all love to watch get out there, after all. Try changing your Twitter bio to something like "Yes, I'm THAT girl from the video. For all business requests, please contact my agent." It will show your friends that you've got a great sense of humor – even if you're blushing tomato red on the inside!

Kristine Sig

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