How Selena Gomez Stays In Such Great Shape


Working out is exactly how it sounds: It's work. But Selena Gomez's new favorite exercise actually sounds fun -- seriously!

Selena recently started taking ballet-inspired workout classes at the Pop Physique studio in Silver Lake, Calif., reports Hollywood Life.

The classes blend "elements of ballet, Pilates, and light weight work into a methodical series of strengthening isometrics, core shaping and luxuriating stretches," according to the site.

Apparently, Selena decided to sign up for the dance-inspired workout to get in shape for all of her upcoming live performances and music videos. And judging by how amazing she looks in her "Come & Get It" video, we'd say those sessions are paying off!

What's your favorite fun way to stay in shape? Share it in the comments!

Photo courtesy of Splash.

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