Exclusive: Go Behind the Scenes of Finn Matthew's "Half Hearted" Music Video

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Have you seen Finn Matthews' new music video for his track "Half Hearted" yet? The 16-year-old soulful pop singer recently debuted the cool video for his latest single, and now TWIST is happy to take you behind the scenes about the making of the clip. Not only are we exclusively premiering BTS footage from the shoot, but we caught up with Finn to ask him everything you needed to know about the song and this exciting moment in his career. Check it out below!

TWIST: What do you hope fans will take away from "Half Hearted"?

Finn Matthews: I want people to know if they are really giving their all to something and think about the fact that if they are... then this must be a good thing. If they're not giving it their all, then why are they there? And that doesn't have to be a romantic thing... it can relate to anything. Your favorite sport, a musical instrument or even a dance class.

TWIST: What was the process of making the music video like?

FM: Shooting the video was very fun, and it was a great experience. When I first got on set, I was a bit nervous about performing in front of the camera, but it came more naturally than I thought. Overall, I thought it was super fun.

TWIST: What was the best advice you've gotten in your career so far, and where did it come from?

FM: The best advice I think I’ve gotten for singing was from the Jackie Boyz. I was told to “always know the note that you’re going to land on”. This is pertaining to doing riffs and runs, and especially when coming up with runs on the fly, it really helps to be aware of the final note so you don’t get lost in the scale.

Half Hearted

TWIST: When did you know you wanted to pursue music, and how did you start working to make it happen?

FM: I had always been interested and intrigued by music as a child, but I didn’t know that I really wanted to do it until I was maybe 9 or 10 years old. I started taking piano lessons when I was 8, which at the time was just a casual activity, but that eventually led to me singing. What I did was practice, practice, practice.

I started making cover videos of all of my favorite R&B records on YouTube when I was 12. The whole process was helped greatly by my relationship with Elijah Blake, who mentored me and kept me motivated, and I’m very fortunate to be able to call him family.

TWIST: If you could leave a message for your future self to remind him how you're feeling at this moment in your career right now, what would you say?

FM: All I can say is: excited. I can’t wait for more music to come out. I can’t wait to create more music and music videos. I’m working on putting together a live performance, which I can’t wait to share. It’s just all very exciting.

Make sure to check out the making of Finn's music video above. You can catch the finished product in the player below!

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