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It's time for the second online edition of our popular monthly celeb feature, The TWIST List! This February 2017, we're highlighting one of our favorite Nickelodeon actresses, Madisyn Shipman. The Game Shakers star is a busy bee this February, so when she stopped by the TWIST offices with her precious micro Yorkie Willow in tow, we asked her to dish all about the show – which has been confirmed for a third season – her current charity work, and everything else you need to know about.

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"My movie with [Green Day's] Billie Joe Armstrong, [Ordinary World] came out in October, and The Peanuts Movie came out, and I'm working on Game Shakers right now," Madisyn dishes. Though she can't spill what's ahead in Season 3, she shares that the show's second season was full of some of her all-time favorite moments.

"In Season 2, there's a ton of romance, which is really awesome to see how our characters grow. There [are] a lot of guest-stars from old Nickelodeon shows too! [iCarly's] Nathan Kress is actually in one of the episodes, which is a lot of fun because his wife London is also on the episode."

"Nathan Kress directs all the time," Madisyn spills. "He's my favorite out of all the directors, because he relates to us and he was on a Dan Schneider show, so he knows what the pace is and knows what to tell us to make us do it."

Madisyn shared that her family was very supportive of her getting into the acting industry right from the beginning – and they love watching her grow too!

"I was about 4 years old when I saw a radio ad for something, and I was like 'oh! I wanna do that!'" she recalls. "[My mom] thought I'd probably outgrow it, but that never happened. So we went to ANTC, which is like an acting convention, and I got an agent in New York, and we moved there [from North Carolina]. We moved to LA when I booked Game Shakers. My dad quit his job and my mom transferred hers out to New York."

"They've all been really supportive, which has been great," she adds. "My grandmother has always supported me as well, and she has this scrapbook of almost everything that I've done. She has a picture of everything, and I look back on those scrapbooks and I'm like, 'oh my God, that was forever ago!' and she still has it." How sweet is that?

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Madisyn knows that she's so lucky to be following her dreams this way, with the support of her loved ones behind her, which is why giving back and getting involved in charities is important to her.

"I am with No Kid Hungry, and that's an organization in which they give food to kids who are less fortunate and don't have the chance to eat breakfast, or lunch, or dinner like the average person," Madisyn shares. "As soon as I learned that there are numerous kids out there who can have [those meals] or even eat for the course of a couple of days? It's just very devastating and we've lost so many people to hunger and starvation. It's just too much, so I wanted to spread the word."

"I'm very fortunate to have what I have, and there's people in the world that don't have the things that I have," she says. "So you always have to be grateful for what you do have. Always be positive."

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Madisyn's big dreams for herself and her career stretch even further beyond acting and helping others through charity work.

"I want to be a neurosurgeon whenever I'm older," the star tells us. "That's always my backup plan. I'm obsessed with Grey's Anatomy, and my mom's a nurse. I've always wanted to be working somewhere in a hospital. A nurse, a doctor... but now I'm really into the brain, so I want to be a neurosurgeon!"

"It's years of school!" Madisyn says, realizing that's a big undertaking. "My plan, to get all of this done, is to do 9th and 10th grades in one year, and 11th and 12th the next, so I can do college classes early and start getting the neuroscience degree earlier. It's a big dream, but I'm going for it!"

Are you a huge Game Shakers fan? What do you think of Maddie's stories? Leave us all your reactions in the comments section below.

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