Exclusive: Froy Gutierrez Shares Behind-the-Scenes Stories from Filming 'A Cowgirl's Story'

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The wait is almost over! Tomorrow, April 18, you'll officially be able to pick up the new movie A Cowgirl's Story on DVD. TWIST caught up with actor Froy Gutierrez to find out what it was like working on the star-studded project, find out fun behind-the-scenes stories about his co-stars, and hear what it was really like working with horses. Check out our exclusive Q & A below.

TWIST: Congrats on the movie being right around the corner! Fans have already loved seeing the behind-the-scenes social media photos the cast posted while filming.

Froy Gutierrez: It's been less than a year and they're already releasing the movie, which is crazy to me. It feels like we just shot it yesterday. It's really funny to see how many people have been there since its inception, I would say. As soon as we would post pictures from on set, people would be talking about it. And now it's actually going to be a thing, it's our little baby! It's going to be out in the world.

TWIST: How did you first find out about the movie and get involved?

FG: I didn't get the script actually, I just got a little scene for Jason and I just did it on tape with my parents in the basement. We sent it in, and we got the call like two days later. I found out that Bailee Madison was attached to it, and I love her. Bridge to Terabithia was my favorite movie growing up, so I was a bit ecstatic about that. So that's how I found out about it, and once I read the script, I became enamored with it.

TWIST: That's so great that you weren't waiting around to see if you got the part!

FG: Yeah! Bailee called my manager directly and was like, "This is the guy! I want him!" which is great, because she's a 17-year-old producer with a heavy hand in the casting, and the production, and the acting, and that is so cool That is goals, honestly.

TWIST: What was it like when you first got on to set with everybody?

FG: I was actually the last member of the cast to show up for shooting on my first day. They had been shooting for a week before I showed up, so I was a bit out of my element. I didn't know what they were going to say, or what they were going to be like. I showed up like the super awkward lanky boy going into this big dance scene, and they were all so nice. They were talking to me as if I were their brother, or family member, and I didn't know any of them, so it was great. A very warm welcome for sure.

Cowgirl's Story

TWIST: We know a lot of the cast members were already friends before working on this movie, so was it ever like you coming in and they had all these inside jokes or anything?

FG: I mean, for sure, I didn't know any of their inside jokes when I first joined, of course! And they were such close friends. But they made a huge effort to include me in everything that they possibly could, and to make it feel like it was a family and that the set was a fun, warm, loving place. And then, by the end of it, I was in on every single joke!

You know, it's a very family-oriented movie, and I think the tone on the set was reflective of that. Everyone was very open and kind and warm. There was no stand-offishness or coldness, it was pretty great.

TWIST: Your character is kind of mystery, there's not a whole lot about him out there. Would you be able to tell us about what he faces?

FG: Hmm, you're so right, he is a bit of a mystery. I didn't think about that until now. I would say that Jason is a very career-oriented guy. And I think that he has experienced some things in his life that have allowed him to close his heart off, and throughout the movie, you'll see him open up to better ideas and better possibilities.

TWIST: If you could play another character in the movie, is there any other role you'd like to try out?*

FG: I would think Aidan [Alexander]'s character probably. His character is such a sweet, charismatic, and humble and down-to-earth guy, and I think that would be fun to play too.

TWIST: Do you think you'd do anything differently than what Aidan really did, or would you just want to try it for yourself?

FG: Well, if I were to try it for myself, I think Trevor would be a lot more awkward than [how] Aidan [played him.] Because Aidan just has this really calming presence about him, and coolness. And I think if I were to take on that character, it would just be a world of difference in how cool he is.

TWIST: Awkward, that's perfect, because our next question is, with having animals on set, we would imagine that lends itself to a lot of bloopers with the horses running around. Do you have any stories to share?

FG: Oh my God. See, all the horse training we did, we had the week before we started shooting. So there were no cameras that day, and I'm sure there were many blooper moments. I just remember, my character is a ranch hand who's been on horses his entire life. And I'm someone who's slightly allergic to horses, unfortunately. Not badly, I just get very stuffy. So I'd go up to them and I'd get really runny, but I'd have to pretend I do this every day for my life and my work. The horses are really part of the scene with you.

Cowgirl's Story Cast

TWIST: Would you be able to call out who would be on the blooper reel most?

FG: Well, I'll give it different categories. For horse malfunctions, that has to be me for sure. (laughs). I was not the best with the horses. And just for comedic moments and line flubs, I'd have to give that to Aidan. Aidan's a funny guy. He sometimes improvises his lines, and throws in a joke, and then we're like, that was great, but we can't use that in the final cut!

TWIST: There are some interesting costumes in the movie. Did you find anything fun in the wardrobe department?

FG: I got to wear a bolo tie! I've never worn them before, but I heard about them from a principal on Disney Channel. [Editor's note: it's Wizards of Waverly Place!] I got to wear a bolo tie, and I kinda liked it. I didn't get to keep it, but I kind of wish I had. And my character just wears button-up shirt after button-up shirt, every single shot. I felt like a cowboy, and I got to wear a cowboy hat for the majority of the movie, which is pretty great. I'm from Texas, and I never wear a cowboy hat, so I really got to channel my inner Texan.

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