Big News: Is Ella Anderson Joining the Cast of 'Stuck In The Middle'?

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Did a star from Nickelodeon just make the switch over to Disney Channel? Actress Ella Anderson may be widely known for playing Piper Hart in the beloved Nick series Henry Danger, but you may be surprised to find out that she is now hanging out with some your favorite Disney darlings on the set of Stuck In The Middle.

Jenna Ortega, otherwise known as Harley Diaz from SITM, took to social media to share a silly video from the set of her show, which just started filming its second season. It came to no surprise that her TV sister and IRL bestie Kayla Maisonet appeared in the clip – Ella's presence, however, had us thrown off a bit.

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"Set vibes #StuckInTheMiddle @kaymais @ellaanderson4u ❤," Jenna captioned the Instagram video.

If that wasn't confirmation enough, Ella provided further proof by posting a photo with Jenna and Kayla soon after.

Ella Anderson Instagram

"always have the best time with these 2. kayla's face tho," Ella captioned the Instagram photo, pointing out Kayla's silly facial expression.

Now it's very common for actors and actresses to appear on different shows and all, but crossing over from Nickelodeon to Disney Channel is much less common. After all, the two networks are pretty much competitors. Despite the fact that a switcheroo like this is rare, it's not like it hasn't been done before. Take Jacob Bertrand, for example. The actor started out on Nickelodeon in Marvin Marvin and Bubble Guppies before heading over to Disney Channel to star in Kirby Buckets and The Swap.

Now Ella appearing in Stuck In The Middle wouldn't mean her time on Nickelodeon is done. It just means she can have the best of both worlds. These gals look like the best of friends already, which makes us super excited to see what they have in store.


Does it surprise you that Ella was hanging out on set with the Stuck In The Middle gals? Share your reactions to the big news by leaving us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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