Eclipse Is Here! When Will You Go See It?


Hey Twi-hards!

Tonight is the night! Twilight fans are lining up outside movie theaters everywhere to see the midnight premiere of Edward, Bella, and Jacob in the new movie Eclipse.

This movie is the best one yet. And TWIST got an exclusive scoop with the cast! Taylor Lautner is super excited for it. He spills, "It basically takes everything in the first two movies and times' that by five in this one. It's by far my favorite movie." We can't help but agree with you Taylor, especially because your shirt is off for most of the movie.

Some great scenes to look out for- Bella and Jacob share a kiss, Edward proposes, and don't forget the intense tent scene where Edward and Jacob discuss who is the better guy for her. Kristen Stewart dishes, "To shoot that scene felt good because Bella's always wanted Jacob and Edward to level with each other, and I think it's funny that it finally takes place while she is sleeping and between them." Oh, to be Bella between those two hotties...

Want to know more about Eclipse? TWIST has interviews, a behind-the-scenes scoop, prizes, and so much more in an entire Eclipse section in our new issue on stands this weekend!

So girls, are you excited for the movie? How could you not be?! Sound off in the comments on your fave scenes after you see it!

Excited for Eclipse, Jen

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