Yikes: Dove Cameron Reveals Her Worst Hair Fail Ever

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Has there ever been a time when Dove Cameron's style was anything less than perfect? (Do you hear that? It's a resounding "nooooo!" from all the Dovelies of the world.) But of course, all of us – even the glamorous Descendants star – have suffered our share of fashion misfortunes and style fails over the years – and now Dove is spilling all about hers.

Apparently, Dove's worst hair mistake ever happened when she tried to give herself a dramatic makeover all by herself.

"My biggest hair mishap was definitely when I got bored one night and decided to dye my naturally blonde locks espresso brown (MYSELF IN MY BATHTUB WITHOUT MY MOTHER), and cut my own bangs, way too far back. Complete with a self tanner on my body AND face." Dove confessed in a new interview with Mane Addicts. "You guys. There’s a reason I’m an actress and not literally anything else."

We feel you, girl. Who among us hasn't attempted to give themselves a quick bangs trim, which resulted in someone crying on the bathroom floor?

Dove admits that taking risks with her style when she was younger made her who she is now, though.

"I was so extra in high school. I was SO over the top. I dressed like a living doll every day," she told the brand. "Not, like, literal cosplay…but mini skirts and platform combat boots with knee high stockings and looooooots of fake eye lashes. I haven’t changed all that much, but my style makes a lot more sense now as an artist in the industry than it did in geometry class. At least I know I’ve always been who I am!"

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