Piercing Advice: Is Dove Cameron Getting Her Belly Button Pierced?

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Is Dove Cameron in the market for a new piercing? The Liv and Maddie and Descendants 2 actress is certainly doing her research! She recently took to Twitter to ask fans about their experiences with getting belly button piercings, leading us all to think she is seriously considering getting a new naval accessory.

First she tweeted asking girls what their experiences with getting pierced was like.

Then, she followed up to make sure boys were included in the conversation.

When you are thinking about making a big decision, like getting a piercing, it's a great first step to ask around to see how others fared. Dove's fans have happily chimed in to let her know both what to expect if she decides to get pierced, like a bit of pain – and some warnings about what not to do.

Our best tips for Dove – and anyone else out there who's thinking about getting some tummy bling? First of all, it is safest to get the piercing professionally done by someone trained and experienced to do so. Then, make sure to keep the site of the piercing clean and sterile, and wash the area with a saltwater solution to fight off bacteria. Lastly, give the piercing plenty of time to heal, and don't be in a rush to change out the ring for another one!

Do you think Dove should consider getting a belly button piercing, or are you so not into the idea? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below.

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