CR2 Countdown: TWIST interviews JB!


Hey TWIST girls, The world premiere of Disney Channel's Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam is just six days away -- woohoo! TWIST has been hanging with the cast like crazy lately -- we spent a day on-set, and sat down with everyone in NYC and LA. So, we'll be bringing you our exclusive interviews and videos EVERY day from now until the flick's premiere. Today, JB answers our CR 2 Q's -- click READ MORE for the full story!

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Photo: Courtesy of Disney Channel

TWIST: What are your favorite highlight moments from the movie? Joe: Wow. Highlights and most memorable moments - there's a song called "Wouldn't Change a Thing," and for me and Demi, we had to sing in the middle of the night for four nights straight in the winter, so it was freezing cold. It was really tough. And she was in a sundress. I thought it was bad for me - we definitely had colds after that. I think the fun part - being on set with our friends every day was cool. And even after we did the first one, we were still really close with everybody, so it was cool to hang out on set.

TWIST: Nick, we loved the song that you sing to Chloe, "Introducing Me." How did it feel to film it, and did you write it? Nick: I did not write this song. The Camp Rock songs were written for the movie, but I really loved this song. When I first heard it, I was a bit shocked, because it is quite different. The fans'll understand once they hear it, but it's a stretch for me. And it's more of a comical song than anything, which is unusual for me when it comes to music. But I had a great time filming it and being able to sing the song. And I go outside of my comfort zone, and that was fun, but I didn't write it.

TWIST: How does your character change in the sequel? Kevin: My character grows up a lot -- he has much more of a responsibility role. He's a new person all together. He's working with the junior rockers, and really trying to make them understand what it's like to be at camp and that's really cool for him. It's funny how my life took a new independent feel, and now my character in this movie does as well. It's pretty cool. Timing wise, it's funny.

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