Countdown to Harry Potter: 4 days!


Hey TWIST gals!

We're only four days away from Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince! It seems so close, yet so far! To make the time pass faster, TWIST has more dish from the Harry Potter set!

Here's your Saturday Scoop: In London, TWIST chatted with Jessie Cave -- she joined the cast to play Lavender Brown, Ron's GF! Being the new girl is usually so hard, but what would it be like to be the new girl on the HP set?

"I didn't really sleep the night before. It was really surreal, it's all quite disorienting," Jessie spilled to TWIST. Luckily, she had awesome castmates to help her adjust. "Emma is just really really sweet," Jessie dished. And what about Rupert and Dan? "Brilliant! So, so likeable!"

"It must be scary at times for Harry Potter newbies!" Rupert dished. "But the whole crew is really nice and sort of welcoming. I do try and be nice." LOL!

Wow! It sounds like Jessie's really living a dream! Tell TWIST -- are you excited to see Jessie Cave take on the role of Lavender? Who would you want to play if you could be in Harry Potter? Comment, comment, comment!

XOXO, TWIST intern Elana

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of Warner Brothers

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