Countdown to Harry Potter: 3 days!


Hi TWIST girls!

We're almost there! Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince hits theatres in just 3 days! In the meantime, TWIST still has LOTS of gossip to dish!

Here's your Sunday story: We've heard what Rupert and Dan had to say about on-stage kissing and romance, but what are Emma's thoughts on it? "I think it's going to be quite awkward!" she spills to TWIST. "But, I was speaking to Dan and Bonnie, and after you do it a couple times, it gets quite boring so that's great!" But we're sure it won't be boring to watch!

Still, she's glad there's more romance in this HP movie. "I think it's brilliant especially as the films get darker. It's nice to have that kind of relief and I think J.K.'s very perceptive about people and boy-girl relationships."

Let's chat, girls! Which HP smooch are you most excited to see: Harry and Ginny's, Ron and Lavender's or Ron and Hermoine's liplock in the next flick? Tell us in the comments!

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XOXO, TWIST intern Elana

Photo credit: Courtesy of Warner Brothers

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