Countdown to Harry Potter: 2 days!


Happy Monday, TWIST girls!

We can hardly contain our excitement, only two days left until Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince opens nationwide! And of course, we've got more behind-the-scenes scoop from our visit to the film's London set!

Even though the Harry Potter cast members have spent so much of their lives filming, they still had to fit in time for school.

Rupert Grint admits that acting in the potions scenes was a bit like chemistry class. "I did most of my learning here," he spills. "You can't really do many practical experiments on set, so I quite enjoyed it, the stuff with Bunsen burners."

Emma Watson adds that setting aside school time during filming can be tricky. "It's quite hard, I get tired," she admits. "When you work more, you get more done than in school." While on set, Emma managed to make time for homework - her favorite subjects are English, geometry and art!

Bonnie Wright also loves English and art, just like Emma! "Now that I'm older, we can just focus on four subjects, and that's a lot easier," she shares.

It's nice to hear that celebs have homework, too! Tell TWIST - Are you into science and math like Rupert or English and art like Bonnie? Or do you love 'em all, like Emma? Let us know in the comments!

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of Warner Brothers

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