Meet Jughead: Cole Sprouse Explains Why He Returned to Acting for 'Riverdale'

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Everyone in the entire universe was thrilled to learn that Cole Sprouse returned to acting after many years away while he finished college. The star is going to be taking on the iconic role of Jughead in the upcoming new Archie comics-inspired CW series Riverdale. When our sister site Empire US recently caught up with the actor, he explained exactly why he was drawn to this project when he hadn't intended on returning to the small screen.

"I took a break from acting; I didn’t actually really anticipate coming back at all, but I really liked the project," he shared with the site. "When I was given the sides to read, there was basically three pages of just solid monologue. I thought, 'This would be challenging.' And I really like Jughead as a character; I think he’s really cool, especially this version of him."


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"This show is very film noir, which is something I’m not familiar with as an actor at all," he continued, explaining how this series will allow him to test his acting abilities. "At least acting in it I haven’t done it professionally, so I wanted to try that out. He’s a weird, creepy character, and that’s also fun."

"I also come from a comic book background. I used to get really angry and incendiary when people would mess with the properties I loved a lot," he shared. "One of the cool things about the Archie universe is there’s so many versions of it. Like there’s Afterlife With Archie, the Predator comes to Riverdale, the Punisher comes to Archie. There’s so many universes that it removes a lot of that incendiary dialogue that takes place with most comic properties, and I think the fans are primed for a cool, new take on a modern film noir teen drama like Archie. It’s going to be solid. I’m coming at it like a fan, to be quite honest."

We can't wait to see what he does with this role!


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