Exclusive: Charlie DePew Shares Why You'll Fall In Love with His 'Famous In Love' Character Jake

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The Freeform premiere of the brand new series Famous In Love is nearly here, and soon we will all have a whole new show full of swoonworthy and relatable characters to obsess over. Actor Charlie DePew, who plays Jake on the drama-filled series, is nearly positive that you are going to love his character – for all of the reasons he already does!

"Jake is so passionate, he’s so ambitious," Charlie tells TWIST exclusively about some of his favorite parts of his character. "When he gets to talk about writing – he’s a screenwriter, which I am as well – Jake just speaks so much passion when he talks about the scripts he's writing or the scripts that he’' written. I like that he’s genuinely a nice guy. He has his faults, but I like that he puts people wishes and needs before his, which actually could hurt him. It’s a good value in a sense to not be so absorbed in yourself, which Jake isn’t. He’s kind of earnest, which is cool."

So why are fans going to instantly be drawn to Jake when we see him on screen?

"The way I look at it is you see in a lot of movies you have the bad boy then this guy, then another guy — I’m the nice guy of the show," Charlie shares. "The way I look at is, I’m the nice guy with no ulterior motive. I think a lot of guys would relate to that because I think a lot of guys think they are being cast as the mean guy when they’re really not."

"I think girls are really gonna love him because you want to be his best friend," Charlie adds. "He cheers hard for his friends. He loves it when Paige [Bella Thorne] and Cassie [Georgie Flores] are having their successes and he shares it with them. Jake is the ideal best friend for a girl, but once you’re best friends with him you’re gonna have a hard time not falling in love with him."

Consider us already obsessed.

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