Exclusive: Here's Your First Listen to Brittney Grabill's New Song, "I Try"

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Need a new tune to add to your playlist? If you're obsessed with artists like Little Mix and Bridgit Mendler, we have a feeling you're going to love pop singer and songwriter Brittney Grabill and her new track "I Try." In fact, we're excited to give you an exclusive first listen to the song right now!

"Although I wrote ‘I Try’ based on a relationship between two people, it is a universal feeling to fear being vulnerable and open, whether that’s through letting love in or going for your big goal in life," Brittney tells TWIST exclusively about the single. "Heartbreak is a very real variable in both of those examples, but it sure is sweet when you get it right. You get to choose in life to put yourself out there whether for love or for your passion, or you can also choose to play it safe. I want to encourage having a life that is fun and that you are proud of, and I believe failure comes only when you stop trying."

"I brought the first verse into the studio one day with my producer Cole Commandeau and he started building the beat from there. Bobby B. Morales then worked his mixing magic on it. I have a great team!"

Brittney Grabill

We also asked Brittney to share some fun facts about herself so you can get to know her IRL as you get introduced to her music. Here's what she shared:

Worked as the casting assistant on Adam Sandler’s new Netflix movie Sandy Wexler, starring Jennifer Hudson
- Obsessed with bulldogs
- Naturally blonde
- Been mistaken as Kate Winslet from a distance
- Grew up on a farm in Edmonton, AB Canada
- Had major back surgery at the age of 13 due to scoliosis, which inspired me to pick up a guitar

Make sure to check out Brittney's song in the Soundcloud player above, and let us know your thoughts over on Twitter @twistmag.

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