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It's an exciting moment for actors Brent Rivera and Marcus Scribner: today, January 11, their new movie, Alexander IRL, officially releases, exclusively on YouTube Red! TWIST sat down with the guys to have them spill all about their new roles, the star-studded cast, and fun moments you'll need to look out for in the film. Check out our exclusive Q & A below.

TWIST: What was it like when you first met everyone in the cast?

Brent Rivera: It was great! We just met each other one day before we shot the movie and we just bonded together and it was a great time. We just had a lot of fun, and we bonded immediately with the whole cast and everyone was there and we all hit it off.

Marcus Scribner: And just getting to develop our relationships as we continued to film, and getting to know everybody more was a lot of fun.

Alexander IRL Cast

TWIST: What's your favorite thing about playing your character, and what are you most excited for fans to see him go through?

BR: My favorite thing about playing my character [Alexander] was that I kind of related to my character in a way. I felt like he was mad at people throughout the movie, but he also tried to be cool, so I guess my favorite part was getting to play both sides of it.

MS: I agree with Brent. My character was definitely mad at people throughout the entire movie, but he also learns to have fun and just be a regular teen and experience what teenagers experience. That was definitely one of my favorite things about playing Darius, he’s just pretty kooky and crazy.

TWIST: Which actor in the cast do you think is most like their character, and who is most UNlike their role?

BR: I feel like Jason Nash as a teacher, he was most like his character because he is like that in real life, and it’s great.

MS: Yeah he’s definitely the most like his character. I think Sarah [Gilman] was most not like her character, I feel like her character was really mean and she’s actually a really sweet person in real life.

BR: Oh! What about Brennen [Taylor]?

MS: Oh yeah, Brennen is a nice guy! And he’s a [jerk] in the movie, but he’s actually super cool and super nice.

TWIST: Where there a lot of bloopers that went on during filming?

BR: I laughed way too much. I have a problem with laughing, like especially if the scene’s funny, and I laughed a lot which means the movie’s good. But I have a problem where if I get a laugh-attack, I just can’t stop. Anything will set me off and I’ll just blow up in laughter.

MS: That was the problem, we had plenty of those moments where the laughter was contagious and Brent would start laughing and then all of us would start laughing and we just couldn’t stop for like a whole ten minutes. So that definitely took up a lot of shooting time!

Alexander IRL

TWIST: Did you have any embarrassing moments happen on set?

MS: One of our co-stars, Bo Mitchell, he likes to skateboard a lot, and when he was teaching me to skateboard and I was skateboarding kind of near a hilly area. It started going a little bit too fast, and I went over a bump and actually ended up skidding up my entire elbow. So that was a bit of an embarrassing moment. [Laughs] But you know, it happens!

TWIST: Did you discover any hilarious costumes or props on set?

BR: I had the Steve Jobs turtleneck, the black one, which was pretty fun.

MS: Oh right, the Steve Jobs turtleneck was pretty fly!

BR: Yeah that was pretty fun! We also had all the party props, like the big glasses and stuff.

MS: We also had that shiny chrome plastic hanging from the doorways and stuff, and that hair stuff that was pretty funny.

TWIST: Are there any Easter eggs or hidden references that keen-eyed fans can look out for?

BR: Look out for…

MS: Our producer, Rob Fishman! He makes a small cameo in the presentation scene.

BR: And there’s also the face of the director [Asher Levin] in the movie…

MS: Somewhere that we can’t disclose! You gotta find the face of Asher!

BR: It’s just the face, engraved in something!

TWIST: What's something your fans would be surprised to know about how you are IRL?

BR: I would guess that they would be surprised to learn that I like shoes, I like airplanes, and I like cars.

MS: I got a good one for Brent. I remember the first day I met him, he was drawing an Audi so he likes drawing cars. He’s like an expert at it.

BR: The only thing I know how to draw is cars and planes, and that’s it.

MS: They’re pretty good actually, I was impressed! I think that something people don’t know about me is that I used to play lacrosse for a really long time.

BR: Really? Oh dang, I didn’t know that!

Alexander IRL 4

TWIST: In the movie, Nathan Kress' character EJ develops an app designed to get kids off their phones. What are some tips you can share for those of us who want to spend a little less time on our phones? How can we unplug ever without an epic app?

BR: I feel like when you’re with your friends, you tend to be off your phone more. So I feel like you should plan something outside, whether it’s shopping or whether it’s going to the beach or going snowboarding. Go somewhere where there isn’t internet reception like the mountains.

MS: Or a parking lot that’s deep underground. [Laughs] That also has no reception!

BR: [Laughs] Or you can smash your phone with a hammer before going out!

MS: Taking radical measures!

BR: But you gotta turn your phone back on so you can watch Alexander IRL!

MS: Or stream it from YouTube Red directly!

TWIST: What's a message or something about the project you hope viewers will take away from it?

BR: Just put the phone away, and experience real life, and you have to take breaks from everything.

MS: I agree with Brent. I feel like just taking a break from the phone and just putting it down and having a detox moment and just talking to people in real life is a good idea every now and then.

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