Let's Make Some Videos: 'Bizaardvark' Stars Dish On Their Dream Birthday Parties

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A brand-new episode of one of your favorite Disney Channel shows airs tonight, and it will be starring a very special guest. Social media sensation Lilly Singh (also known as her YouTube username IISuperwomanII) will be making a cameo in this week's episode of Bizaardvark called "Paige's Birthday is Gonna Be Great." It's true – this is seriously going to be great.

Lilly isn't the only one to guest star in Season One of the show. Vine and YouTube star Thomas Sanders and Austin & Ally actor Calum Worthy will be appearing in the season finale, which airs next Friday, January 27 at 6:30 PM ET.

In tonight's episode, Frankie goes to great lengths to make Paige's birthday the best – and they attempt to trick their favorite social media star Lilly Singh into coming to the party! We caught up with the cast, and they dished all about their very own birthday parties.

TWIST: In addition to having Lilly Singh at your party of course, name another celebrity or notable figure you would love to invite to your birthday party, and why.

Madison Hu ("Frankie"): For my ideal birthday party, I would love for any of the SNL cast members (past and present) to come. I also think it would be cool if anybody from 'Harry Potter' came, like Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint.

Olivia Rodrigo ("Paige"): If I could invite anyone to my party, I would invite First Lady Michelle Obama. She's got moves!

Jake Paul ("Dirk Mann"): Drake, cause we have similar names and he'd probably be a good wingman."

DeVore Ledridge ("Amelia"): My dream guest to have at my birthday party would be YouTube personality Colleen Ballinger as Miranda Sings!! I’m literally obsessed with her. It would be 100% the best birthday party –ever!

Ethan Wacker ("Bernie"): I would love to invite Stephen Amell from one of my favorite shows, 'Arrow.' He has the same birthday as me, May 8th. Together we could have a rock star birthday party! Also Jake Paul really knows how to make any party AWESOME so he would definitely be at the top of my list!

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TWIST: What's your go-to dance move at a party?

MU: I'm not much of a dancer, so I basically just hop to the music.

OR: The funnier the dance move, the better. My friends and I always incorporate moves like the sprinkler and running man into our dancing.

JP: I always hit Dem folks.

DL: I don’t really have a 'Go-to dance move,' It’s really just however the music makes me feel!

EW: I have not been to that many parties with dancing. I’ve been to more sleepovers or event parties like going to the beach or playing paintball. But when I do have the chance, I just do what the music tells me to do and hope no one is videotaping it.

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TWIST: Name your 3 must-have items to throw the best birthday party ever (i.e.: cake, music, food/snack, decorations, etc.).

MU: My top three items to the throw an awesome birthday party would be: ice cream cake, pizza, and a fun activity to do, like arcade games.

OR: Games, snacks, and balloons are my three party must-haves.

JP: Friends, pizza, and punch.

DL: Music, soda, and chips.

EW: I would say friends, family, an awesome cake decorated to look like Hawaii, and great hip hop music. Yes, I know that is a funny combination but it works. Oh, and I’d also have a giant piñata with Jake Paul’s face on it. He’d love it and it would be really funny watching people swing at it.

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TWIST: Which age were you when you had your own favorite birthday party, and how did you celebrate?

MU: My favorite birthday party was when I turned 10 and went to an amusement park with a couple of my friends. It was so fun and magical, and I got to spend the whole day riding rides and eating different desserts with my favorite people.

OR: For my 10th birthday, I had a cupcake baking contest with all of my friends. We had so much fun making the treats even though most of them didn't turn out as perfect as we hoped they would.

JP: My favorite birthday was my 17th; I celebrated with over a thousand fans who sung happy birthday to me. I also hit a million on Vine that day (RIP).

DL: My last birthday was my favorite; it was my 15th birthday. I went to a theme park with my friend and we rode roller coasters all day!

EW: My favorite birthday so far was when I turned 12. I had nine of my best buddies for a sleepover. We saw one of the best movies of all time – 'The Avengers.' Then we took a night swim and played flashlight hide and seek. The next day we went to the Makapu’u Beach and hung out. It was a beautiful day in a beautiful place with some of the best people I know.

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