Exclusive: Bailee Madison Shares How We Can All Spread Joy This Holiday Season

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This time of year can be truly magical: the holidays can be dazzling, exciting, and loving – but sometimes it's easy to feel lonely and down instead. So when TWIST caught up with actress Bailee Madison, who is starring in a new film called Holiday Joy, we naturally had to ask her to share her own tips for how we can all spread a little joy ourselves this season.

"I think that we can all spread a little bit of holiday joy this season by being kind to one another by being sympathetic to others around us by opening their hearts to the idea of love, spreading love," Bailee tells us exclusively. "I think that joy comes within us it’s not something that is gift wrapped underneath the tree it’s not how much you have or how little you have it’s who you are as a person inside.

"I think if I could be both proud of something in this film it’s that I believe that the message really does come across and it’s amazing to get to do a film that has a wonderful moral of the story at the end of it and that everyone can take a little bit of heart in and spread joy," she adds.

How beautiful is that? So, what are some of Bailee's personal favorite holiday traditions to follow with the people close to her?

"I am a big fan of cooking with my whole family," she shares. "Ever since I was little we always get in the kitchen and cook, and I think that always was when we really knew it was the holiday season."

"We also trade pajamas every Christmas Eve between all the girls in the family, so I have like PJs from when I was 8 that are now shorts on me because of how much I’ve grown. So I love the idea of always giving Christmas pajamas to each other. We don’t really trade them we just act like we do. They are all the same and our names are on every gift box and we all open it at the same time but we call it trading because it sounds cool."

What are some ways that you like spreading joy during the holidays? Leave us your ideas in the comments section below!

Reporting credit: Alex Riccardi

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