Are You Going to See Beastly?


Hey Girls,

Beastly, the modern update of Beauty and the Beast (which just so happens to be my favorite movie) is in theaters today! Hottie Alex Pettyfer stars alongside Vanessa Hudgens as the bad-boy turned beast and the girl who falls for him. We think Alex and Vanessa make a super-cute couple, even if it is only a movie! In a recent interview, Vanessa talked about her character, Lindy, saying, "She thinks it's a lot easier to go through life under the radar, to lay back rather than stand out... through love she kind of finds herself and learns to love herself, which allows her to love someone else." Sounds great! Are you going to see Beastly? What other fairytale movies would you like to see updated? Tell us in the comments! For more updates on Vanessa and Alex, check out the March issue of TWIST, on stands now!

XOXO, Intern Jessica

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