Are You Excited for the next Season of Vampire Diaries?


Hey TWIST fans!

We have some awesome Vampire Diaries spoilers (warning!) to tide you over until the new season starts September 9th . First, not only will Katherine be staying in town for a while, but we'll eventually see her meet face-to-face with Elena! Between her history with Damon and her goal of breaking up Elena and Stefan, she'll be severely complicating the Elena-Stefan-Damon love triangle. As for questions about what's up with Jeremy, exec producer Julie Plec answered he's "alive". Then there's also the exciting rumor about Tyler being a werewolf. There's still soo much we don't know, but sounds like this season is going to be plenty interesting and juicy!

Are you counting down the days till the show is back on? What are the relationships you would most like to see this season? Spill in the comments!

XOXO Intern Surbhi

Photo Credit: Courtesy of CW

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