Are You a Prankster Like Emily and Miley?


Hey Girls!

Emily Osment recently dished about the playful atmosphere on the Hannah Montana set--she and Miley love to pull pranks! Even though they're not always successful, the girls have fun joking around with their castmates.

"We'd [Miley and me] always try to successfully prank someone. They were usually on Mitchel. His dressing room was right next to mine and we'd always go in his room and try to mess up the room--put all the pictures upside down, put ketchup everywhere. Somehow, people would come in and clean up before he actually got to see it. But I think he got the point," said Emily. I'd hate to find my stuff covered in ketchup! Have you pranked your friends or family before? For more on the last season of Hannah Montana and deets on Em and Mi's friendship, check out the latest issue of TWIST, available on newsstands now!

xoxo, Intern Shayna

Photo: Courtesy of Disney

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