Movie Makeover: Amandla Stenberg Shaves Their Head

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Have you noticed that Amandla Stenberg has been off of Instagram for a few weeks? Well, the star has been away working on a powerful new World War II era film that's set to be released this year, and a dramatic hair makeover is all part of the role.

The star posted an Instagram photo revealing that they are now sporting a shaved head, and accompanied the pic with a little note explaining why a closely-cropped buzz cut is a critical part of this role.

Amandla Stenberg

"Hi all- I just finished working on a film called Where Hands Touch directed by the incredible @iammaasante," Amandla posted on Instagram. "The story is about the experience of biracial children growing up in Nazi Germany. I shaved my head for the role. Feels really good. I feel so aerodynamic now. I've achieved ultimate speed. :) Hope your year is off to a good start. I know 2017 looks scary. I truly believe in the power of our words and the way we connect to each other. Sendin love your way."


Not only is this makeover a major move for the film, but getting a buzz cut is also a big deal IRL: especially since Amandla has been very outspoken about not conforming to expected beauty standards, and has had some seriously wise words about wearing natural hairstyles.

"I think that as a black girl you grow up internalizing all these messages that say you shouldn’t accept your hair or your skin tone or your natural features, or that you shouldn’t have a voice, or that you aren’t smart," Amandla shared in one previous interview. "I feel like the only way to fight that is to just be yourself on the most genuine level and to connect with other black girls who are awakening and realizing that they’ve been trying to conform."

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"I know when I used to chemically straighten mine, I did it because I wasn’t comfortable with my natural hair. I thought it was too poofy, too kinky. So for me, personally, when I started wearing it natural, it felt like I was blossoming because I was letting go of all the dead hair and all the parts of me that had rejected my natural state. But, you know, it’s not like that for all black girls. Some have their hair straight because that’s just how they like it, and it doesn’t mean that they accept themselves any less."


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