Exclusive: Aidan Alexander Shares How He Relates To His 'A Cowgirl's Story' Role

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Today's the day! You can officially pick up the new movie A Cowgirl's Story on DVD. To celebrate, TWIST caught up with actor Aidan Alexander to find out how he first got involved in the movie, and how he relates to his own character. Check out our exclusive Q & A below.

TWIST: How did you first get interested in A Cowgirl's Story?

Aidan Alexander: When I first got the script I felt so connected with the storyline and was thrilled when I received the call that I got the role. It's a story about friendship and staying happy in relatively sad times. I thought it was really inspiring.

TWIST: How would you say you're similar and different than your character Trevor?

AA: Trevor is really supportive and loyal and I think that I am too. I will always try to do anything and everything for my friends. At the same time, he has a pretty rough childhood which I couldn't relate to. It made playing him and bringing him to life that much more fun.

TWIST: Working around animals, we imagine there were a ton of bloopers or funny moments on set. Do you have any stories you can share?

AA: I unfortunately don't ride a horse in the movie, which probably would have provided us with a lot of bloopers. There are a lot of scenes with me and Dusty in the stables because the horse would not stop neighing when I walked past them. It was brutal.

TWIST: Which cast member would you say would end up on the blooper reel most for on-set goofs?

AA: I think Bailee and I would make the most appearances on the blooper reel. She is so professional always but set was so funny we were laughing the entire time, it was such a magical set. It was so fun to get to goof around and then be serious and then goof around again.

TWIST: If you could have played another character besides your own in the movie, who would you pick, and do you think you would have done anything differently than the actor who really portrayed that role?

AA: I would probably have taken on Aedin Mincks' character [Dale] or Froy's [Jason]. They both do amazing jobs and I wouldn't change anything, I just probably would have brought "me" to it in a different way!

TWIST: We asked Froy the last question, and he said he would have given your character a try. How do you think your versions of this role would have been different?

AA: I think he would have done a great job! I think it would be totally different in a few ways. I would love to see his take on Trevor!

TWIST: We heard that the cast all watched A Cowgirl's Story together when it was done. What was that like, and what would you say was the coolest part of having everything all come together?

AA: The coolest part was definitely getting to see everyone again. It had been almost a year since I saw a few of my co-stars so it was really great to come together to watch it.

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