Ask TWIST: What To Do When You Don't Want To Wear Your Sister's Hand-Me-Downs Anymore

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I've had to wear my older sister's hand-me-downs my ENTIRE life. As a kid I didn't really care about clothes too much, but now I'm officially SICK of them! I'm way taller than my sister now, so none of her old stuff fits right, and my style is more edgy and cool than her girly stuff. I don't want to tell my mom that I need new things because I know money is tight for my family, but is there any way I could convince her or make this old stuff cool? - McKenna, 15

Hi McKenna!

I know exactly how you feel – I’ve gotten lots of stuff from my sister too even though I wanted my own. But, you’ve got to make the best of the situation. Look at it this way, this could be a chance to try your hand at designing because lots can be done to put life into old clothes!

My first piece of advice would be to learn how to do some basic sewing. If that’s too much of a challenge, ask any family member. Someone must know a thing or two about a needle and thread! Now, it is time to start designing! Let’s say you have a simple button down shirt. Change up those buttons – just be cautious about which buttons you do decide to get - they need to be the same size as the previous ones. Make that shirt pop with colored buttons or bring out your inner diva with sparkled buttons. No one knows how to sew? Rhinestones are a perfect alternative!

Layering is another awesome way to transform hand-me-downs. This is also completely cost-free. Chances are, your sister probably has a jacket or a sweater she used to wear and because you are taller, you can rock it as a cropped jacket for a more edgy feel.

If designing isn’t your thing, there are so many stores out there that are cost effective where you can get a lot for less money. Try thrift stores or you can even search your favorite stores online and find out when they are having sales. Usually sales happen at the end of summer or around the holidays but keep checking because you may be surprised to find out which sales pop up at random times! Hope this helps!

Good luck!

Alex Sig

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