5 Skin-Saving Secrets Peyton List Swears By

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One of the hardest things about being a tween or teen girl is dealing with temperamental skin — one day you're breaking out like crazy and the next your skin is super dry. So to help ease your beauty woes, we reached out to someone who knows the secret to a glowing complexion: Renée Rouleau. Renée is a skin care expert that has an amazing line of products, and works with some very famous clientele including Demi Lovato and Peyton List.

The 15-year-old Disney star recently got her first facial courtesy of Renée, and she took to Instagram to rave about the results. "My skin has never felt softer. My skin is also super clear," Peyton wrote. (And she's not lying — check out her flawless face above!) The actress started using Renée's products, too, including the AHA/BHA Cleansing Gel, Elderberry Toner and Skin Recovery Lotion.

Since getting a professional facial is pretty pricey, Renée shared the five things a girl should be doing daily to keep her skin in pristine condition. Check them out below:

  1. Every night, apply a non-drying cleanser (look for ones labeled "sulfate-free" as these are gentler) to dampen skin and keep your fingertips damp for dispersion. Use a nickel size portion and massage in circular motions for 30 seconds. This will will remove dirt, debris, oil, bacteria and makeup.

  2. Rinse well, as it's important you leave no residue.

  3. Give skin a final wipe with Renée Rouleau Facial Sponges, washcloths or baby wash clothes for sensitive skin.

  4. Within 60 seconds, follow with an alcohol-free toner and lotion — your skin will start to dehydrate if you leave it bare for more than one minute.

  5. In the morning, apply a moisturizer with SPF.

Follow these tips, and we promise you'll be one step closer to a star-worthy complexion!

What's your biggest skin care problem? Leave it in the comments and we might give you advice on how to fix it in a future story!

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